Air Purifier and Mould Cleaning Products: Air Purification - Naturally

Air purification products provide substantial benefits to your home or office environment. Mould removal products such as mould remover gel diffusers, surface mold remover, air purifier gel diffusers and, surface sanitisers amongst others, help in maintaining a healthy indoor environment by reducing the mold accumulation and risk of harmful bacteria and viruses.

Pure Air Organics Provides the Best Natural Products to Get Rid of Mold in Australia

Pure Air Organics, in association with San Air are the flagship brand in mold treatment products, and one of the most trusted mould killer brands in Australia. By preventing mold and airborne pollutants, naturally filtering the air to eliminate irritants, and encapsulating airborne impurities, Pure Air Organics’ all-natural mold cleaners and air purifying products transform your home into a healthy living space.

Why should you buy our Mold Removal Products: Our Key Highlights

Healthy Home, Healthy living: Our mould removal products and air purifiers are 100% safe, environmentally friendly and are enriched with plant-based actives. Independently lab tested and validated to kill mold spores, bacteria and viruses including SARS-CoV-2, (the virus that causes the disease Covid-19) and H1N1 (Influenza-A)

Aligns with Nature: 100% natural plant based actives, our sustainable products are an easy way to get rid of mold, completely safe, organic and free of any harmful toxins and mycotoxins. Thus safe for children, pets and the environment.

Easy to Use: Easy to use products that can be used anywhere such as benches, walls, ceilings and cupboards. Can also be used on all soft furnishings in your home or office. These products achieve a healthy indoor environment.

Customer-Centric Solution: Innovation meets customer satisfaction. Providing quality products and meeting customer needs, Pure Air Organics mould, bacteria and virus  killer products enhance your buying experience.

Safety First: Our products are 100% natural and safe to touch and safe to breathe. Safe around children and animals.         

FAQs related to Mould treatment & Air Purifer products:

What is the best product to remove mould?

Plant-based mold treatment products and air purifier gel diffusers products are the best product to get rid of mold in a safe and effective manner..

Will Air Purifier Gels Help with Mould?

Absolutely! Using the Air purifier gel diffusers will kill not only mould spores but are effective in eradicating bacteria and viruses. For more information, check out this PDF document. (Shweta, I have a good PDF which shows what it kills, maybe we can link to that?)

What helps keep mould away?

Reducing moisture in your living space will certainly help keep mold away. However, our range of San Air natural mold cleaner and gel products will eradicate mould spores therefore vastly reducing the ability for mold to form. Also, keeping fans running so that stale air is not trapped inside your home and making sure all the areas are dry are some of the ways to keep indoor space free from mould.

What should I spray on black mold?

Firstly, when dealing with black mould, always wear personal protective equipment such as a mask and gloves. (If you have an extreme black mold problem, a professional company should be called in to assess your situation) Using the Surface Mould Remover, spray it on the black mold and allow it to penetrate for 10 minutes. Then re-spray the area and wipe off with a microfibre cloth. The cloth should be discarded once the clean is complete. For longer lasting protection, you can install some Mould Gone Reactive Gels or some Air Purifier Reactive Gels.