Our Story

Pure Air Organics is dedicated to crafting solutions that not only purify the air but also preserve the health of the environment. Our mission is to provide effective, natural air purification products that enhance the quality of life, ensuring safer and healthier living and working spaces for families and businesses.

The Genesis of Pure Air Organics

Pure Air Organics was born from a need to address persistent air quality issues like mould and airborne contaminants that are especially prevalent in humid climates like Far North Queensland.

The founder of San Air, driven by a commitment to health and sustainability, started with the idea that air purification should be safe, natural, and scientifically sound. This vision has guided the development of our products, which combine the latest air purification technology with eco-friendly practices to tackle indoor pollution effectively.

Meet Jason, Our Founder

Hi, I'm Jason, the founder of Pure Air Organics. My journey began after 18 years in the cleaning industry, where I saw how mould, bacteria, viruses, and airborne microorganisms affected health and indoor environments.

Determined to find a safe and natural solution, I discovered San Air—an innovative Australian-made product using natural essential oils, designed to purify indoor air without harmful chemicals. Motivated by its effectiveness, I established Pure Air Organics. Join us and experience the difference with Pure Air Organics—one breath at a time.

Why Choose Us?

Choose Pure Air Organics for air purification products that combine efficiency, environmental responsibility, and innovation to deliver superior air quality improvements.

High Quality Products

Every product is crafted using the finest natural ingredients, ensuring premium quality and effectiveness.

Scientifically Proven

We're all about results here. Our solutions are backed by rigorous testing to prove their efficacy in eliminating harmful airborne agents.

Dedicated To Health

We’re committed to enhancing health with products designed to purify your air without compromising safety or well-being.